Sorting Through Questions

This week, I continued to wrestle with Warren Berger’s (2014) ideas about questioning and how I can “keep moving ideas forward” (p. 134 ) rather than stopping with the brainstorming phase. Berger gave many inspirational examples of individuals and companies tackling their problems head-on by tinkering with possible solutions rather than sitting around thinking of all the possibilities. But before they began finding solutions, they first had to “narrow [the] possibilities and converge on the one deemed worthy of being taken to the next level” (Berger, 2014, p. 117-118). 

The following sketchnote video documents my thought process as I try to sort through my brainstorming questions and “converge” on one topic to tackle. Although it is by no means perfect (yes, I did write on my floor!), you can see my attempts to think about my questions from various angles and within various contexts. I first considered how each question inquires about either the role of the teacher, the role of technology, or the role of the learner for the overall learning process. I then thought about which context of education could be used to address each question – was this ultimately a question of the incorporation of technology, teaching pedagogy within the classroom, or acquisition of content knowledge itself? Finally, I sorted everything into either personal questions that had the pronoun “I” or generic questions.

Ultimately, I narrowed down the questions to my top 3 and realized that 2 of those three came from my personal question pile. It looks like my question worthy of tackling will be one that is near and dear to me for various reasons. This will, in turn, give me even more impetus to find the best solution possible.


Berger, W. (2014). A more beautiful question: the power of inquiry to spark breakthrough ideas. Bloomsbury.

UX Indonesia. (2020). Share [photograph]. Unsplash.


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