Designing a Survey

This week, I tried my hand at survey design for the first time using tips from the Market Research Guy (2020). Although a lot of survey design seems straight-forward and generally follows the old adage “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” this was by no means an easy project and still has a ways to go before the kinks are out.

I designed my survey to collect data regarding my current wicked problem of practice, “Should literacy activities become fully virtual?” and found it difficult to pare down my questions to a reasonable survey length. This is such a fascinating topic to me since I have personally noticed a decline in paper literacy skills (reading physical books, writing on physical paper) as technology takes an increasingly central role in society, and I’d like to know other people’s thoughts on the matter. So many questions surround this one problem of practice, but ultimately I had to ask the types of questions the general populace will feel comfortable answering.

After several iterations, I created a series of opinion-scale questions to help give surveyees a sense of freedom with their answers, followed by a few skip-logic questions so that people only answer questions that pertain to them. My hope is that these styles of questions will be engaging for the surveyee and that the data will show current trends in literacy habits and sentiments. 

Want to check out my survey? Follow this link: Digital Literacy Survey


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[Survey checks]. (2020). [Photograph]. Venngage.


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