Self-Reflective and Innovative Art Project

I am a maker. I make things every day. I express myself in culinary creations, the cuisines I consume, how I spend my time, and who I spend my time with. In the innovative creation below, you see a mosaic with several different identities that I claim. Behind those claims are the evidence – photos taken every day of quarantine and my CEP811 class – of how these identities drive my sense of self-expression and vice-versa. Some of these photos document the ordinary, mundane parts of life, others capture my passions and efforts. But from all these different pieces, I was slowly able to construct this abstract representation of my identity. 

It is often during the construction of a project when we learn the most. For example, I knew that I enjoyed cooking and making new things in the kitchen, but it shed a different and deeper perspective to see just how many of my photos, taken over an 8 week-long period, centered around food. In a similar manner, I learned that my expression of information also says something about me. I enjoy artwork with layers and surprises – ones where each time you look, you see something different. Therefore, I sought ways to bring this into my own piece and came up with three distinct, complex layers: a word mosaic, a photo mosaic, and a live link to the annotated photo album. I hope you enjoy exploring my self-expression art piece as much as I enjoyed making it, and perhaps it will inspire you to make something similar. 

Click the image to view an annotated collection of all the photos.


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